About Us

5 a.m.

Over goes the hand, banging, searching for that sliver of a button called snooze. Genius design really. By the time you find it — you are beyond rolling back over for just a few more minutes.

The beautiful thing about the water — you don't need a clock. Somehow dawn takes on a whole new meaning. You want to be up - first in and last out.

Monster and Sea was inspired by a morning on the water when there wasn't much left. Mentally drained from all that cancer brought into my family. Honestly - didn't know what to do.

In those moments when you are at the end of yourself - things can become very clear. Give back. Make use of the skills you have to do some good and help. Create a brand that inspires people to celebrate being alive, being healthy and being able to step outside and go where the day takes them.

So how do you start? It's simple. Go. Don't waste another second reading or wondering or searching for the snooze. Grab the coffee, put the boards up and go. Go because you can.

We promise - you won't be disappointed.