• Troy Nebeker
You think to yourself - no problem. If someone hauled off and punched me right in the mouth - I could take it. My head might snap back a little and I might get a little dizzy but - go ahead, give it your best shot.
And then it happens. You know its coming but you don’t see it. Your chin is the first to feel it. The bare knuckle disquised in the words mild disease progression in 1 lymphnode. It digs into your skin and pushes your lip deep into your teeth. All the reflex muscles in your face react at once. Eyes close, nostrils flair to suck in as much air as possible and all goes quiet.
The dull pain in the back of your head snaps your eyes open and in that moment you have a decision.
Shake it off and fight like hell or run.
If you are Jim Brown you only know one way to answer. His first line treatment paired with his lust for life and perseverance has carried him to this point. Defying odds and taking names. 
Now he is stepping to the second line. As an athlete and firefighter there is no quit and the only option of running - is to stay in shape.
He signs off every update with
I am a warrior.
I am the exception.
I am a thriver.
I choose the miracle.
Hold fast Jim Brown. Hold fast.
  • Troy Nebeker

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