• Troy Nebeker
For just a moment - close your eyes and think about the best hug you have ever received. Giant Baloo the bear style - warm, safe and leaving you feeling all is right with the world.
That’s what it is like to walk in the door at the Burke house. Surrounded by the treasures of life, it is a wonderful thing to see your friend openly love on his family. The boys shuffled down the hall, yawning and working out the kinks from a long but not long enough nights sleep. 
I had my back to them but couldn’t help but notice how Deans eyes brightened as they rounded the corner. Conversations started but were quickly shut down - arms open wide - hugs and good morning I love you’s were first priority. 
As we sat and talked story about our sunrise paddle - my mind sort of had many of our other conversations on replay. Our kids and how fast the time goes. When they are born you are well outside your comfort zone. Driving 2 mph home from the hospital cursing humanity around you for their lead footed ways. Blink and they go from that double hand around the neck hug - (you know the kind - those little hands patting the back of your neck.) To wanting you to walk just a few steps behind as they head off to school.  Then blink again and 18 shows up. It is sort of like a kick in the gut you can see coming. 
Where does it go? Time. It goes so fast. 
Dad. I love you.
I love you too my boy.
See you tonight after work.
I’ll wait up.
  • Troy Nebeker

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