• A day trip is good for the noggin
  • Troy Nebeker
A day trip is good for the noggin

Life is one of those things that adds up after awhile. Little bits of weight that if left unchecked can pile into a crushing amount.

An angry exchange with a stranger, can't find your keys for the 300th time, car won't start, sure wish I could find a job, more month than money, all I wanted was a Pepsi - eventually you crack. 

Then a wonderful thing happens - the text machine fires up and your friends say "lets hit the coast!" The waves may or may not be firing - but who cares, let's go any way - shed some weight.

Such was the case this weekend. Loaded up the truck and hit the road. A few hours later, pulled into the parking lot and spied the familiar smile of a good friend.  Have learned a lot from him over the years - how to read the water, paddle straight, try new things like prone and be reminded of the joy of young kids as he raises his little boy.

Now if you have spent some time in the PNW, especially in the long winter months - you pretty much expect rain. It just comes with the territory. Sometimes its a mist, but as luck would have it - pitch black and dumping were in the cards. We set up camp and lights out.

6:30 a.m came quicker than expected and a knock, knock on the window - followed by a half asleep search for the unlock button - followed by the car alarm (sorry about that other campers) and we were off for surf check.

Earlier in the week some sweet shots were posted of the same place - and in the back of your mind you are always secretly hoping that the surf decided to hang around for you. "You shoulda been here yesterday" quickly filled the eyeballs. Nuthin.

Back down the road only to be met by a big white truck driving down the middle - forcing a stop. Down goes the window - "Howdy partner - seems you were staying at the camp ground and left without paying." my reply - "Good morning! Nice to see you. We came in late last night - had a lovely talk with the night camp host (paid our money - its in the slot) and also told her we were going to adventure out for an early surf check. There was nothing so we are headed back." As good fortune would have it - standing in the office to clarify what we had just told the fine gentleman in the truck - the phone rang and it was the night host. Our story checked out. 

The waves were a bit messy and all over the place but being out in it - and surrounded by fellow crazies makes for good fun. It is a wonderful thing, a dose of salt water and smiles from the line up - and all that weight that was heavy just a day before - gone, gone.



  • Troy Nebeker

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