• Downwind in the PNW. An epic day.
  • Troy Nebeker
Downwind in the PNW. An epic day.

The day started with a simple text - "You up? Let's go! On the other end of the line was my friend Sean. Right back popped - "Meet you at Enatai - Joel is coming too." A few other hits and Craig was in. We had four.

So I tend to get a little excited and drove well above the speed limit to make it to the water. It was well worth it. The wind was up - gusting to 25 and the water looked angry. I didn't hear Joel pull into the lot but I did see him jump out of his car. Picture an 8 year old boy jumping around like he just defeated Darth Vador in the ultimate duel to the death. It was awesome. Mostly because I did the same thing and when Sean and Craig showed up - guess what they did.

There is a feeling when you are on the water with the wind at your back - it is difficult to describe. Match it with good, lined up swell, good friends and you have is the start of a epic winter on the water.


  • Troy Nebeker

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