• FRIDAYS. I learned to hate them.
  • Troy Nebeker
FRIDAYS. I learned to hate them.
For some reason every time bad news came, it happened to be on a day that is generally reserved for relief and the start to a lazy weekend.

Hearing the worry in my wife's voice as she delivers the news not once but twice —I guess cancer really doesn't care what day it decides to call.

It is a terrifying word to hear. And crippling when it is associated with a loved one. Cancer. It grinds things to a halt and turns the joys of living into the fears of the unknown.

Hidden in all of that fear there is also surprising hope. Compassion from doctors, the rallying of friends and neighbors. It becomes a day by day focus on how precious life is and the desire to do what ever it takes to get healthy again.

Monster and Sea was born from this. Listening to the waves and water and built on the simple idea that hope and life and the joy of living comes from doing and going — because you can.

  • Troy Nebeker

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