• You are not alone.
  • Troy Nebeker
You are not alone.

What does a conversation sound like when it becomes heavy? For me it was like water filling my ears. That slow burn where things become muffled and words drown out the deeper you go. You can hear your own heart beat become irregular - boom, boom, skip, silence --- Boom.

Honey I have cancer. Like screaming underwater - you can hear what your wife is saying but does anyone else? The world seems to roll on by like nothing is happening. It is very confusing, stressful and terrifying.

If you have heard those words know that you are not alone. Make a phone call. Send an email. Count on your friends, family and faith. Reach out.

You will be surprised who takes your hand and says - Let's get through this together.


We hear you.







  • Troy Nebeker

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