• The Maliko run
  • Troy Nebeker
The Maliko run

Out of the blue one day my friend Ian says - "Hey, how would you like to go to Hawaii and paddle with Jeremy Riggs?" Okay that is a big sentence. I heard - Hawaii, Maliko and Paddle with Riggs. Absolutely was my first answer, then reason kicked in and sadly I needed to turn it down.

Now for the truly humbling part - Ian says "You have had a crazy hard year. I'd like to figure out a way to do this for you." - silence. Really?

Fast forward to the rental car lot on Maui. We debated for all of 2 minutes and then decided that our first order of business was to get to the water. A call to Jeremy and we were on boards paddling out into the channel 30 minutes later. Pretty nice way to stretch the legs.

Jeremy is a fantastic paddler, extremely humble, and a great teacher. His local knowledge of the reefs and where not to get caught inside made both runs all fun with zero stress.

I can easily say this was a trip of a life time and one I will never forget. Time spent on the water with friends in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Thank you Ian with all my heart. I hope to be able to do this for some one else one day. It was too good to not pass on.

www.paddlewithriggs.com www.bluesmiths.com www.sicmaui.com



  • Troy Nebeker

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